We need help raising funds for our beautiful shepherd puppy with a broken jaw.

Our director received an urgent call today (7/14/14) about an injured German shepherd hiding under coils in the back of a warehouse. She left immediately to help this poor girl.

We went to our normal vet only to find that she has a dislocated, fractured and infected jaw due to head trauma; most likely hit by a car. She has two teeth missing from her bottom jaw and a possible piece of her jaw missing. She is bleeding from the whites of her eyes and needed to be rushed to OVRS for immediate surgery. Please say a prayer, donate and share our newest rescue.

For direct donations, please contact Oakland Veterinary Referral Services at (248) 334-6877. Thanks so much to all who have donated so far.

I had the weirdest dream that BK got robbed by a bunch of people with bandanas around their faces and I was in a greyhound bus talking to the driver when I saw them line up around the building but I realized Mike was inside so I went in and the people were outside about to run in and gas the place??? So I told everyone we had to leave but they wouldn’t listen so I told Mike we were leaving anyways and he was in the back with his pants down around his ankles just standing in his underwear for some reason lmfao and so right as we were walking out the ppl came in and had this big hose thing and released the gas right in our faces but I think we made it out but I woke up lol. And before that I had the same dream but they had guns and I think we died in that one. WTF